Loser Dogs

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Do you know the ward “Makeinu” or “Loser Dogs”? This is the famous word in Japan. And, I found the article about it.

The article said the Loser Dog (Makeinu no Toboe) and stated that as an over-thirty single Japanese woman, considered a loser in society for being unmarried, she strove to take pride in the term “loser dog” and proclaim her satisfaction with her independence and success.

And, The Asia Daily News Onlaine reports that this trend is hot in Taiwan society where Japan’s social and pop culture weighs in with a strong influence. A hit TV series called “The Queen” depicts a successful, unmarried female journalist who finds herself unpopular among friends and colleagues because of her competitive nature and her success, but mostly because she is a loser—in other words, still single. And having an over-thirty unmarried daughter is something her mother cannot bear.
Expectations from family and society can be difficult to ignore and overcome, but many Taiwanese women, like their Japanese counterparts, are refusing to rush into marriage just because they are of “marriageable age.”
I say, “You go, girls!” Wan wan!

This article was written by Wendy Nelson Tokunaga. I wondered two points. The First point is about the writer is very interested in Japan and the second point is this word is used in Taiwan, too. There is the fact that “marriageable age” exist in the Japanese, Taiwanese and etc. society. Loser Dogs, this is clearly bad word. I think it is non-sense to write down the women who are still single around the marriageable age. We cannot determine their happiness. So, we have to think about the problem that we call them as loser dogs.



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I went to Kochi last year. There are many differences between Hyogo (my birth place) and Kochi. For example, dialect, food culture, many kinds of festivals. I was especially surprised by Yosakoi dancing festival. And, I found the article about Yosakoi.


The article said that the topic of this Feature Photo post is a style of dance called よさこい (Yosakoi). It has only been practiced as a dance form since the 1950s, but is a modernization of a much older, traditional Japanese summer dance.
Every summer, people get together within their community to put a dance performance together, featuring clothing and symbols from their home neighborhood, set to modern music. Each group of performers choreographs and practices their routines and then assembles together to take part in a huge celebration to present their performances at Yosakoi Festival which takes place in different places in Japan. This photo was taken at the Super Yosakoi Festival held on the beautiful grounds of Meiji Shrine in Tokyo. This particular dance troupe playfully calls themselves Baka Tokyo (Foolish Tokyo). I really liked the excitement and energy that I captured in this picture, which is why I chose it for this post.


Last year, I took part in the Yosakoi festival as the guitar player in the Nanmei dormitory’s Yosakoi team. I join Yosakoi again!!! I am also the guitar player. If you have free time, please watch our performance!

Japanese traditional sweet!

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I read an article about Japanese traditional sweet by Wendy Nelson Tokunaga.

 The article said that LA.com reports on a new shop in Beverly Hills that’s set to give the cupcake phenomenon some competition. Fulfilled sells “imagawayaki”, a Japanese pastry often found in Japan at street fairs, which is traditionally filled with sweet adzuki beans. Japanese-American proprietor, Susumu Tsuchihashi, has turned this on its head by making “imagawayaki” with names like Karaoke Kitty and Harajuku Monkey and filling them with delights like white chocolate, nutella, and banana. A savory treat is the Spicy Samurai, filled with pepper jack cheese, cilantro, chicken apple sausage, and green chili. These aren’t to be confused with the amazing crepes I first had in Harajuku back in the day and which have found their way to a few places in the U.S. When I mentioned “imagawayaki” to my husband he said that it was basically “taiyaki”, a pastry made to look like a fish that we’ve been able to get for years at May’s Coffee Shop in San Francisco’s Japantown. Downtown San Mateo also boasts its own post-modern taiyaki place called Sweet Breams, which specializes in “chibi (mini) taiyaki”.

 I wandered the fact there is the Japantown in San Francisco and the Japanese traditional sweet are sold there. I found this article and Ms.Tokunaga’s blog at the Google reader. She wrote a lot of kinds of article about Japan. I felt happy when I found the article about Japan written by foreigner. I also think I am interested in some countries or cultures as same as she. The article let me notice about that.

Blog test

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THE HUFFINGTON POST has a interesting article about Japanese culture.

That article title is “In Japan, Your Blood Type Says It All”. In the last year’s end, four of Japan’s top 10 best-sellers were about how blood type determines personality, according to Japan’s largest book distributor, Tohan Co. One each for types B, O, A, and AB has combined sales of well over 5 million copies. According to the article, as defined by the books, type As are sensitive perfectionists but overanxious; Type Bs are cheerful but eccentric and selfish; Os are curious, generous but stubborn; and ABs are arty but mysterious and unpredictable. That is like a horoscope. But, nowadays blood type features in a lot of regions, for example in a Nintendo DS games and on “lucky bags” of women’s accessories tailored to blood type.


I think this article is very interesting, and a relevant remark. Among my friends, the topic about blood type appears a lot. The blood type also makes the stereotype about the person. I think it is O.K. that we talk about that. But, we should not believe it so much. I think most of Japanese is tend to believe it strongly. In the morning, I turn on the Television; there is a blood type fortunetelling program. I watch it every day, and after that I feel good or bad. My parents said “You only believe the good one. The fortunetelling is sometimes mistakes”. I think that is psychology, and the health of heart. The blood type is good for entertainment. But we need to notice that there is no evidence in the blood type of personality. That is nonsense to narrow the human relations because of the blood type’s stereotype!


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Do you know this sport? I think Ultimate isn’t famouse in Kochi-u. I belong to the group activities.

Ultimate is sport like mixing basketball and American football and we use the frisbee. We divide into seven people and mke two team. And throw the disk, connect the pass, if you catch in the end line, you get the point.

Is that easy sport, you think?

If you ask me…….Let’s try it!!!

My younger brother, A

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My families are in Hyogo and Kyoto now.Last year, I came to Kochi. And I have lived here for a year.

There 6 members in my families,  father, mother, younger sister, younger two brothers, and me. My families live in Hyogo except my younger brother who is first grade at technical college.He lives in Kyoto alone, and in the dormitory like me. But his dormitory is not strange like Nanmei dormitory, so I am relieved.He is interested in making something, especially electronic things. I heard from him that he has enjoyed his life(dormitory life)!

I will write down about another family members next time.

Pandemic flu

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I write down about “Pandemic flu”.I refer to the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.

-How to infect?-

One way is droplet infection. The healthy people breathe the cough, sneeze, spit that have the virus from infected people.

Another way is contagion. When the people touch the another things, there are attached the virus after the infected people cover their mouth to prevent cough, sneeze, spit from splashing and wipe the snivel by hand.


cough/snivel/sudden high fever/become tired all over/headache/muscular pain

This is timely topic, I think.My home town, threre is one infected people.But, there will be more infected people, I think.My family live there, so I’m afraid they catch the flu.There is the Pandemic flu, but my father have to work.

The Pandemic flu will come to Kochi soon.So, we try to find the way to prevent the virus.The goverment work hard to develop the vaccine, and protect the nation as soon as possible.

And, we also try to protect our selves trough the information.




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What I write about…..

I’m interested in Music(listening, singing, playing the guitar, and so on!), Reading(now, I read the foreign books for study), ….

If I have more time to write, I try to write something.

Hello world!

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